Thursday, 15 December 2016

Be prepared!

No, I am not a Scout. It would probably help if I was, since apparently they are great at preparing. I'm great at procrastinating, though, so there's that.

However, I have actually done things to help my big fat Scottish adventure along. I have ordered the Scottish Hill Tracks book from Amazon and subscribed to the OS online maps. I have sat in front of the computer a lot and stared at said online maps. I have also lounged on my futon sofa with my laptop a lot and read stories of previous Challenges. What I have done most, though, is wondering if I should get my head checked.

There's still a shit ton to do. Like actually plan a route and have it vetted and book travel and accommodation. And start stretching my hill legs. On it!

Stretching is always important. Demonstrating at the top of Tjäktjapasset in Sweden.
August 2015.

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