Sunday, 7 May 2017

It's the wrong trousers, Gromit!

"They're techno-trousers, ex-NASA, fantastic for walkies!" said Wallace to his trusty canine companion Gromit about the contraption operated by the conniving chicken-imitating penguin culprit Feathers McGraw.

I can only wish I had a pair right now, remotely operated by a penguin for criminal purposes or not. I'm not sure which of the ones that I actually have here would be fantastic for walkies - and I've only got 27 hours before I need to leave home!

Option One:

Fjällräven Keb gaiter trousers

  • stretchy, with enough of G1000 to be durable and water-repellent
  • nice leg pockets
  • detachable legs and ventilation on thighs, in case of sudden summer weather 
  • waxed and ready to go
  • just a little bit tight if I need to wear long johns underneath > might feel too cold
  • mid waist, which means I need a belt so that the rucksack won't push them down > might feel uncomfortable under the hip belt 
  • old, worn and permanently dirty
  • the colour clashes with my T-shirt ;)
I also have another pair of the same trousers in sand/tarmac colour, but they are not waxed and I doubt I'll have time to do that (at least not if I'm sitting here blogging). They're a little less worn so they're a bit cleaner but therefore a bit tighter still. Also, in some photographs people tend to look like they're wearing no pants at all because of the colour. Can't have that now can we?

Option Two:

Tierra Light Track

  • stretchy and really, really comfortable
  • ventilation on the thighs
  • windproof and water repellent, rear and leg ends waterproof
  • soft shell can feel really cold in chilly weather (at least if you're a person who always freezes her butt, like me. Can be helped by wearing longjohns though, and they will fit underneath these easily)
  • only one (smallish) leg pocket - having a map and a compass there might not work
  • mid waist, which means I need a belt so that the rucksack won't push them down > might feel uncomfortable under the hip belt 
  • can be really hot if the weather is hot, especially due to the waterproof membrane in the rear - then again I've worn them at work (inside) every other week for seven months now and survived.
Option Three:

Fjällräven Barents Pro Curved

  • brand new, waxed and ready to go
  • high waist so I don't necessarily need the belt with the rucksack, and if I happen to loose weight and will need the belt, it will a bit higher up and not directly underneath the pack's hip belt
  • ample leg pockets
  • nice colour
  • windproof, water repellent and breathable
  • loose enough to fit longjohns underneath easily
  • high waist - comfortable with the rucksack, a bit uncomfortable without 
  • raw lenght, so no fixed leg ending to tighten around the hiking boot
  • no stretch
Just a few weeks ago I was sure I wanted to have the Barents Pros since the Kebs were a bit too tight and the Tierras a bit too hot for warmer weather perhaps, but now I have no idea what to do. Maybe I'll toss a coin... Maybe I'll bring them all to Edinburgh for some last minute testing and send the extra pairs home...

What would Wallace do?
"It's the wrong trousers, Gromit, and they've gone wrong!"


  1. Näköjäänkierrät vähänpohjoisempaa Scotlantia kuin missä asumme ... toinen luonnonpuisto sta km pohjoiseen. Millaista on ollut

    1. Hei, tein reissuun jo toukokuussa, aika lailla suoraan Mallaigista itään St. Curysiin. Reissuraportti seuraa myöhemmin.